February 9, 2009

Krispy Kreme Challenge... Mmm doughnuts

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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. The blog is not dead, it has just been hibernating!
Spring seems to have sprung in Raleigh as fast as the stock market tanked last Oct. Two weeks ago there was snow on the ground, children sledding, cars sliding and offices/classes canceled due to some wonderful flakes. Early Spring weather, or at least of preview of what will come in 6 weeks, is a benefit of the Raleigh area (the New Englander in me does love winter weather - in Dec & Jan). It was time to take advantage of this 70° weather; what could be better than a morning jog downtown? How about 2 miles, some doughnuts and 2 more miles. Yeah!

Five years ago some NCSU students dreamed up the "Krispy Kreme Challenge". Game for trying almost anything once, I joined this 2 mile run, dozen doughnut devouring & 2 mile run back, with 5,500 of my closest friends (including T! - her 1st offical/organized race! u go girl!). A quick disclaimer - being of somewhat reasonable sound mind & body, I ran as a "casual" runner (e.g. I only ate 4 doughnuts) ... next year I might do the dozen! We had a blast. Lots of creative running outfits (including suits - 3 piece, as well as gorrilla). My favorite sight: 2 guys pushing their buddy with a broken leg - in a shopping cart! Ahhh college memories.
Proceeds ($35k) all went to the NC Children's Hospital.
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