July 1, 2012

Travel Log: Fun with Dutch

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We've run into several funny semi-translated Dutch signs & labels while we've been crisscrossing The Netherlands. At least they're funny to us Americans.

I started snagging photos of 'em...


Sustainable Traveler said...

BigAmericans Pizza is great!!! So true too! I hope you didn't eat that... DON'T LIE! :)

RaleighRedSoxFan said...

No frozen pizza devoured on this trip. Come to think of it, no pizza of any kind (I don't count the french baguette pizza-like thingy I got at a local bakery).

I didn't have my camera in hand when I saw one of the funniest signs - "Real American Meat Juice" - hand written below some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce!