August 8, 2008

Who's on first? A Mitt Romney Topps baseball card??

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Every summer I pick up a pack of baseball cards - sort of a nod back to childhood memories of collecting and trading cards. The brand to collect was always Topps®. Last weekend I picked up a pack in the checkout line. Later I carefully opened it and with the anticipation of an 8 year old from Boston hoped for a couple Red Sox players. Miguel Tejada, Byung-Hyun Kim (former Sox!), Kevin Millar (another former Sox... getting closer), Jose Baustista, Mitt Romney, Josh Willing... wait a sec, hold on, rewind... Mitt Romney? MITT ROMNEY!?! What the? Mitt Romney of the "GOP" team - in a suit and tie. Mitt Romney? Mitt the Mormon! Is this some kind of joke? Did he play ball? No. At least GW had some MLB connections. Now if I was an 8 year-old and got stiffed with a Mitt Romney card instead of Jeter, I'd be PO'd! Whose bright idea was it to mix politicians into the deck?
Well no Sox cards and no gum! What happened to that stale pink chipboard they passed off as gum?
At least Mitt was governor of Massachusetts. I would rather have found an Obama card.

Update: Aug 2012 - Well if he wins this year, maybe the value of this card will increase.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just glad to hear you'd rather it had been Obama!