March 30, 2008

2 Planes, 4 Trains, 4440 miles, plus 1km

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Mar 30, 2008: Wilderswil, Switzerland

Our Swiss/Italian Adventure Begins

We made it! After traveling via 2 planes, 4 trains over 4440 miles on 5 hrs of sleep over 34 hours we arrived late Saturday (after an afternoon of walking around Zurich waterfront, very pretty) at the Wilderswil, Switzerland train depot. It took 1 more km up a slight grade to reach our home for 3 nights: The Baeren Inn. Weather's been great so far. We have beautiful views of the alps & trekked up to Jungfraujoch. Sunday and took an impromptu tour around Grindelwald. Initial impressions of Switzerland - everywhere looks like the photos you traditionally see (e.g. Swiss chalets, beautiful vistas) and is very clean (including public toilets, compared to the US).

Surprising views from train rides include: graffiti (lots of it), buffalo & tee-pees! Took a short hike and ran into a bunch of llamas. Rain tomorrow...
>Lugging luggage the final km

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Tribent said...

Sounds like a great start! Buffalo and tee-pees?! Keep posting - we like picts too :-)
T - the pup is CUTE!
Caio, jss